• App for the iPhone Uploads Multiple Photos

    Posted on May 8, 2013 by in Apps for the iPhone

    app for the iPhoneiLoader for iPhone is the perfect companion for your iPhone/iPod Touch and it completely changes the experience of uploading content to Facebook from the ground up. The concept of iLoader could not be simpler. It is an upload tool to enable you to quickly and easily share your iPhone pictures and videos with your friends on the go. The thing is, the app is so good, I might start using it when not on the go as well.

    What does iLoader offer that the highly popular Facebook app does not? The answer? A lot! For starters, just like on a computer, you can select as many photos as you want to upload, and in one action, upload them all. With iLoader, you can easily tag the photos, give them captions, as well as create an album or add pictures to an existing one.

    Scroll down to view video of the iLoader app for the iPhone

    Not only can you actually upload pictures easily, but using iLoader, you can notify whoever you want that you have uploaded a new album to Facebook. Well, that is not completely accurate… Unfortunately, the app does not integrate Twitter or email, so you cannot share this news with your followers or friends not on Facebook, but then again, it is a Facebook app.

    Once you select your pictures to upload, iLoader retrieves your Facebook albums, you can use business pages or your personal profile. You can  add  picture to an existing album or create a new one. After it uploads the picture and plays a nice and satisfying tune to let you know the upload is complete, the app gives you three options. You can  tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers about the new photos you just uploaded. Watch the video to see easy it is to upload multiple photos.