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    Posted on June 25, 2013 by in Advertising

    advertising“Advertising in the digital age is a different beast than it was years ago. With the advent of digital media, such as the Internet, DVR’s, smartphones and tablets, the way consumers digest information has drastically changed. Traditionally, ads were primarily used on television or radio and in magazines, and targeted to a broad range of different consumers in an attempt to raise brand awareness. These methods are no longer viable in the ever-expanding digital world.” This was so well stated, I didn’t change a word from the post, how advertising has changed in the digital age.

    The drastic changes with advertising has caused a bit of a problem. The majority of small businesses, mom and pops, eateries and restaurants, are lost in the mire of how to advertise in the digital age. These folks are busy at their business and have precious little time to get educated on how to come up to speed with being visible online.

    In the past advertising was associated with selling something…no more.  Overt selling now equates to spam and no one wants to be spammed in emails, Facebook groups, or business pages. Now it’s about “sharing” “giving” and “permission marketing,”coined by Seth Godin. According to Wikimedia, “permission marketing requires that the prospective customer has either given explicit permission for the marketer to send their promotional message (like an email or catalog request), or implicit permission (like querying a search engine). This can be either via an online email opt-in form or by using search engines, which implies a request for information which can include that of a commercial nature.”

    Without the risk of coming off “spammy”, the RPVM Team has come up with a Preferred Partners Program. This cooperative marketing plan was created specifically for small businesses, mom and pops, eateries and restaurants. The Preferred Partners “piggyback marketing” program not only saves time and money, it also enhances online presence. If you’re overwhelmed with social media, technology that changes by the minute, and wondering how you’ll ever fit in blogging, just complete the information below and we’ll happily “share” all the benefits of becoming your marketing partners.


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  1. Carole Sanek says:

    I think you have a winner of an idea because people like to buy they just do not like to be sold to. Social media is a new animal of advertising to many, and it is vital to build trust with people before ever uttering one phrase asking for a sale. Choosing the right people to help you with your #SocialMediaPR is a must, people who can guide you through the maze and make you stand out.