• Cost Effective Piggyback Marketing

    Posted on April 5, 2014 by in Advertising, Marketing, RPVM Preferred Partners

    marketingThe RPVM Team loves collaboration!  CEO/Founder, Agi Anderson, first learned about cooperative marketing with Guerrilla Marketing back in the day before the onset of the internet.  Innovator, Jay Conrad Levinson, was brilliant with  unconventional marketing concepts intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. More innovative approaches to Guerrilla marketing now utilize mobile digital technologies to engage the consumer and create a memorable brand experience.

    Real Pro Virtual Marketing offers guerilla tactics with Piggyback Marketing.  Small business, eatery and restaurant owners are able to piggyback as a Preferred Partner with any one of the RPVM family of websites. In addition to saving oodles of money, businesses save enormous amounts of time by sharing the efforts of blogging.  RPVM Preferred Partners submit a post once or twice a month.  With multiple contributions coming from various businesses it helps keep content interesting and provides much desired Google juice to be found in search.

    RPVM Piggyback Marketing

    afforable marketing

    We created our RPVM marketing programs to help small business, eatery and restaurant owners relieve the pressures of producing content by sharing our efforts cooperatively. The RPVM team pushes  preferred partner dedicated pages and contributing blog posts to all of our niche oriented social media networks.

    For example a post coming from an eatery or restaurant will be posted to our FoodiesFlorida.com website, our Foodies Florida Facebook page, FoodiesFlorida on Twitter and pinned on FoodiesFlorida on Pinterest

    Why is this a benefit?

    Chances are, busy eatery and restaurant owners may have a Facebook page (some don’t) but most do not have a Twitter or Pinterest account, nor do they want one. As a “Foodies Florida preferred partner”, they reap the benefits of exposure on multiple social sites by piggybacking with RPVM.

    The same applies to BrevardFloridaLiving.com, where we provide resources for property owners “after the sale” and PropertySalesBrevard.com which is a real estate based website. Bottom line, it’s cost effective when we collaborate with our marketing efforts. Learn more about becoming an RPVM Preferred Partner by completing the information below: