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    Posted on November 14, 2014 by in Advertising, Social Media

    Income opportunityTwo websites that have a strong relationship to one another are for sale, FoodiesFlorida.com and FloridaFabVacations.com. Lets face it, anyone going on a vacation needs to eat.

    I am Agi Anderson, owner of these desirable websites. I am also a FL real estate broker and up to my eyeballs with InvestorTurnkey.com  which focuses on buying, selling and renting  investment properties. I  just do not t have the time necessary to keep up with blogging for these very popular websites. The web traffic is low due to lack of upkeep, not interest in food or vacations in Florida.

    When creating these websites I  took into account that millions of people from around the world vacation in Florida every year. Those millions of people will also be in search of places to eat!  There was a record number of tourist who vacationed in Florida94.7 million visitors came to Florida in 2013, an increase of 3.5 percent over 2012.

    Last year an article the Orlando Sentinel stated, “the 100 million figure surfaced in a recent report by Florida Tax Watch, a fiscally conservative government-watchdog group. It was making a case for further boosting Florida’s tourism industry, citing the resiliency of that sector’s jobs relative to other industries during and after the 2007-09 recession.” It went further to say, “the group’s analysis concluded that increasing tourism’s annual head count to 100 million would create 121,298 jobs — half within the industry and half in sectors such as retail and construction that would benefit indirectly from the added travel spending.”  

    When monetized properly,  FloridaFabVacations.com and FoodiesFlorida.com can be an incredible source of income. The domain name alone for FloridaFoodies.com (our name flip flopped) is more than $2,000, my package includes the website and a social following.

    Food FLFoodies Florida Social Networks

    Foodies was created in January  2010 (started as Florida Epicure)
    228 Likes Facebook
    446 Twitter
      43 Pinterest

    $7500 for each website $10k to buy both!

    Do they have to be bought together? Nope! Each website can be sold separately.

    florida vacationsFlorida Fab Social Networks

    Florida Fab Vacations was created in January  2010
     226 Facebook
    342 Twitter
      34 Pinterest
    The  above stats about were pulled November 2014, they would be even higher if the websites had more attention.

    If you love Florida this just may  be the opportunity for you. Imagine yourself  enjoying eating and playing at awesome fab Florida Destination and then blogging the experience! If you have an interest in one of both of the websites, just complete the info below and I will be in touch: