• How to Use Facebook Call-to-Action Button to Sell Designer or Cheap Clothes, even Shoes for Sale

    Posted on May 18, 2015 by in Facebook page, Selling Strategies

    Call to action buttonHow to Use Facebook Mobile Call-to-Action with Selling Designer or Cheap Clothes, even Shoes for Sale is is covered step by step in this post. Sure the Facebook Call-to-Action button is accessible on a computer or laptop, but lets face it, the stats just keeping growing with number of people searching and browsing from mobile devices.

    This year Facebook introduced the call-to-action button on Facebook page timeline covers. It’s accessible from computers, laptops and mobile devices, similar to the graphic to the left.

    It’s easy to set up a call-to-action, you simply click on the button located on your Facebook page timeline cover, see the graphic below.  There are a variety of choices where viewers can be directed. If you opt for the Sunflower Media Marketing Incentive Video, we create a timeline cover that instructs viewers to watch the video. See our client’s Facebook page Warehouse on Grove.

     The seven calls to action currently available are:

    1. Book Now
    2. Contact Us
    3. Use App
    4. Play Game
    5. Shop Now
    6. Sign Up
    7. Watch Video

    We like the “Watch Video” choice the best for the call-to-action on a Facebook page and encourage our retailers to do a Secret Sale. See how Warehouse on Grove’s video encourages watching their video to the end for details about their secret sale.

    The marketing videos we produce at Sunflower Media Marketing are search engine optimized with the relevant terms being searched. The chart below provides search terms we used in our headline.

    Google Keywords

    The great thing about using video for the “watch video” option is, you can also share the link from Youtube, the second largest search engine on the planet, after its parent Google. You can also embed videos into blog posts or widgets on websites.

    Facebook call to action

    Watch video

    Before Facebook made the change with buttons contained within the timeline cover, the buttons were accessible on computers and laptops, but not on smartphones and tablets. However, Facebook developers realized a Facebook page for business needed more traction with the increase of searches taking place on mobile devices.

    The graphic to the right is a screenshot of our Facebook page from an iPhone, it shows the the watch video link that appears on mobile devices. The graphic above shows where the watch video is located on computers and laptops. Watch Video is a clickable link that is directed to a Youtube video. It looks the same on an iPad. Posts can be created tagging your Facebook page leading viewers to your incentive video.

    We realize retailers really do not have the desire or the time to maintain a Youtube channel, our team at Sunflower Media Marketing created two YouTube channels. Local FL Market Place is for retailers and Local FL Business Experts is for professionals and trades.

    Whether you’re selling designer or cheap Clothes, even shoes for sale, the Facebook page call-to-action is the ideal marketing vehicle to engage your fans to take action.


    Sunflower Media Marketing created an incentive to help businesses incorporate video into their online marketing plan.

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