• How to Get Perks with Klout

    Posted on June 1, 2016 by in Social Media, Web Presence

    Before delving into Klout Perks, you first need an understanding of what Klout is and how you build Klout authority.
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    “Social influence scores (also known as social authority scores) are a measurement of an individual or brand’s reach online. Klout, established in 2009, and Kred, established in 2011, are two of the apps that that brands and individuals use to measure that reach and influence across social channels,” says Kristi Kellogg in her post, What is Klout?”

    I honestly don’t know  much about Kred, but I make it a point to pay attention to my Klout score, which at the moment is 65 and consistently hovers at that number. My Klout is measured from my activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can select and set up the social sites you would like to have measured.

    Klout perks

    Perks are exclusive rewards you earn for your influence. Every day, influencers receive amazing products, discounts and VIP access that is only available to Klout users. The video below shows Klout Perks I received in the mail.

    James A. Martin points out in his post,  7 Ways to Boost Your Klout Score, “Klout was once a topic of controversy, but these days most social media experts and digital marketers agree that your Klout score matters, especially if you’re connecting with customers or hunting for a new job.” 

    Klout Scores may seem insignificant, but I believe, Klout will be much like Yelp with rating professionals and small businesses. I already find myself checking other peoples Klout scores and making an evaluation of how they are postured on the web.


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