• Why Google+ Matters

    Posted on June 12, 2016 by in Google+ page, Marketing, Social Media

    In the past year I have have met with numerous small business owners and 95% were of them were clueless why it was vitally important have a verified Google+ account for their business.

    Google+ for business

    Many small businesses have a Facebook business page, very few have taken the time to create a Google+ business page. Why? Most small business owners do not realize the significance of how their business is found with Google search.

    I bet, at this point, you’re asking why Google+ is so important?


    Prior to Google+ all Google local listings were managed separate from  a Google+ account. However, now Google+  has become the central point for all Google Business products.  Hence Google’s recent update, Google My Business.

    The activity seen on your Google+ profile directly effects your search results.  Every ounce of interaction, +1s, comments, shares, and reviews – add up to a major factor in how Google continues to measure site relevancy.  After all, an obviously active website, with a proper Google Local listing, proves that the site is trustworthy through consistent engagement.

    In order to verify that you own the brand you are representing, you’re required to include a line of HTML code in the header of your website’s homepage.  Google will detect this code and give your Google+ page a little check mark next to the business name, indicating for all to see that you’re business profile is verified.Google+ Business

    Once your Google listing is completely filled out via your Google+ business profile and your website is verified, you’ll begin to show higher in local search results.  The best part about that is, local search results are always shown at the top of your search engine results.

    The RPVM Web Analysis 5.0 program includes setting up a Google+ account and business page, along with strengthening your online web presence across all the social media sites.

    If your Google+ page looks like the one above, then I suggest you give me, Agi Anderson a call today 321-698-0021 or email me agi@a1ainfo.com.