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An excellent post in Amercian Express states Why You Need to Own Descriptive Domain Names

You will own your market space. Marketing rule #1 is to own your target market space. You want your customer to think of you every time they think of the product or service that you offer. And every time they type your product or service into Google, they should see your company and not the other guy’s.

Choosing the right domain name.domain names

When customers want to find a business, whether it’s a local restaurant or a global retailer, the Web is the first place they look. Domain names not only make it easy for customers to find your business on the Web, they also give you a place where you can create your own unique online presence, from a full-blown Web store to a simple online business card with your contact information, hours and location.
How to Buy More Domains and What to Do With Them
1.   Head to your favorite registrar. A popular choice is, it’s who we use at Real Pro Virtual Marketing.
2.   Get as many as you can afford. At least pick up the .com and .net versions of your name if they are available.
3.   Point to pages. Now that you own the names, point them to the relevant pages that talk about that particular product or service. This will enhance your market presence and Google rank. FYI – Network Solutions charges to redirect pages, GoDaddy is a better choice.

How you choose your domain name depends on where you are with your business. If you’re already up and running with a brick-&-mortar location, you’ll want to choose a domain that matches your business name. You’ve worked hard to create a name and a brand that customers know and love, so you having the matching domain only makes sense for your customers.

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