Marketing Strategy Using Videos

YouTube statistics 2015A marketing Strategy Using Videos is a must for a successful campaign. A marketing video can be used with any type of business.  The reason many companies exclude video is a perception of requiring a big marketing budget to produce high powered, expensive videos. Even though numbers are staggering as to why video “should be” included in every marketing plan, many small to mid size companies do not have the budget or staff to maintain a YouTube channel. Sunflower Media Marketing’s CEO, Agi Anderson, who has been involved with video production since 2008 has developed affordable video marketing options with varied pricing that fits any marketing budget.

All of the videos produced by Sunflower Media Marketing reside on the YouTube platform because it’s the second largest search engine on the planet next to their parent Google, who is number one. What’s unique about our strategy? We provide multiple YouTube channels to promote just about any type of business; Local FL Business Experts serve business experts, tradesman, ans professionals. Local FL Market Place caters to  shops, boutiques and speciality stores. Sunflower Media Marketing offers three variations of videos that can be used in a variety of ways on any social platform:

1. Feature Video

Is your company coming up on page one of search?

Our feature videos which are typically three to five minutes, are shot by a professional videographer. A Feature Video shows the value of why viewers want to choose your business, over your competitors. Feature videos are also optimized with keyword relevance which drive these videos to the top of the search engine. The sample video was produced by AZ Business Reviews, who we collaborate with in Arizona.

 2. Incentive Video

Does your business offer a purchase incentive as a marketing strategy?

Our incentive videos usually two minutes or less, are designed with a call-to-action which is perfect to use on a business Facebook timeline cover, a post on any social media site or can be embedded in a blog post. Check out our sample video from our favorite shoe store Swanky Sole, located in Downtown Melbourne, FL. Be sure to see their incentive.

3. Review Video

Is your company receiving Google Reviews?

Our review videos are approximately a minute or so long. Reviews can be pulled from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List or even testimonials from your website. Check out the video we did for Armstrong Chiropractic. Dr. Armstrong wanted to convey the service he provides to veterans and his contribution to community, which is portrayed  in this Review video.

For a limited time only we have an Introductory Offer for Incentive and Review Videos and Pilot Program for Feature Videos. Just complete the info below and we’ll be in touch to explore ideas for your company’s marketing video: