“Agi Anderson,  a Coach, Trainer and Marketing Director all wrapped into one.”

“I believe you are on the right track – “Virtual Marketing Director.”  And, you are more than that.  You say you are not a Coach, however, you deliver coaching suggestions.  You are also a “sales” trainer, in that your marketing initiatives are based on solid sales generating activities.  The later is so important to us because we now see a path that will help us take our business where we want to be.

Calling yourself a Marketing Director might give people the wrong impression.  We worked with a “Marketing Director” at the beginning of the year and our business went down – not up.  Working with you, you were able to show us in a few short sessions what we needed to do.  Also, your turnaround time was exemplary. We didn’t have to wait weeks to receive your deliverables.  In addition, you saw areas that needed fixing and you took the initiative and fixed them. That just cemented the relationship. I don’t have to worry about directing you. I now have the peace of mind that you have our back!

A Marketing Director description in the traditional sense of the word is definitely not you.  You are a Coach, Trainer and Marketing Director all wrapped into one.”

~Marney Kaye, Keller Williams

I ask myself, what have you done for us so far?.. Well, enabled our website to be more engaging to the visitor, embedded video with attractive and compelling pictures that represent various lifestyles that are attractive to perspective buyers.  We now have some direction as to how to be more effective in broadcasting to a specific audience and how to select that audience.
I see you pulling together diverse technological marketing concepts to help us create an identity, and a focus with the following:

    1. How to get “known” in the marketing media, web and social media?
    2. How do I differentiate myself from everyone else?
    3. Why am I different?
    4. How do I want to be perceived by the buying and selling real estate public?
    5. What is interesting, informative, and user friendly?
    6. How do buyers find that “perfect, or nearly perfect” home?
    7. What do I provide that helps accomplish that?
    8. Why is Agi not a Coach?  Can’t you coach the Marketing Assistant to implement or maintain what you have created?  Could you coach the Realtor to find such an assistant to support what you have done for the Realtor?
    9. How do Sellers feel confident their home is in good hands with a listing agent?  What gets them to that confidence?  How do I get that message across?
    10. What are neighborhoods like?  What makes them different?  What is the profile of someone living in one neighborhood, vs. someone living elsewhere?  How do I find out that info?
    11. How do I communicate all this to the buying and selling public?
    12. My web and social media presence is a repository of who I am, what I do, how, I do it, and what resources I have to help others.  How do I make that interesting to people that need my help?
    13. So Agi, you are a problem solver around the concepts of creating an image, communicating that image, helping realtors “educate” their audience about a whole host of items such as: what constitutes home value, what location is important for the function of the buyer and for the exit strategy for the buyer, and so many, many other items that represents realtor services.  Play with the idea of what realtors, do, need, want and can accomplish for their clients, how they can serve, etc.
    14. You implement what realtors dream they could do for themselves in a perfect world!
    15. Then you coach them on how to maintain a system, make it dynamic, and ever changing, for their needs and the needs of their market.
    16. Ask this question of yourself, “What does a Marketing Director do vs. what a Marketing Assistant does?  What is the list of job descriptions for each?  It seems to me that distinction will create great focus on your talents, and the talents needed to sustain what you have created.
    17. Yes, you are unique, you get Realtors into 21st Century technology, and marry that up with the strengths of 20th Century real estate skills.  That is a powerful combination!
    18. I wouldn’t be impatient with the description you are trying to create.  Because you have so many facets of the Real Estate business at hand, it is understandable that the clarity of the message is a challenge.  If you can pardon the clumsy metaphor, “you have not just one ship in the bottle, you have managed, through your career experience, to get a dozen ships in the bottle!!”  
    19. So there is another road to go down.  You have talents that compliment the talents of your clients.  You effectively market their unique, rare, distinctive, unusual, and remarkable abilities!

~ Bob Manieri, Keller Williams

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“As a busy guy working in the field, I have little or no time to devote to marketing.  Like any other business I experience peaks and valleys and I know having online visibility is vital to my business being consistent.  After a hard day’s work I always seemed to struggle with my marketing efforts.  I hired Agi Anderson as my part-time ‘virtual marketing director’, she has done more in three hours than I did in three years.  I contract Agi for 10 hours a month, she is developing my brand identity, my social presence, helps me with website, is setting up my blog and about a 100 other things that are part of my marketing plan, that she created.  All I have to say . . . it’s money well spent.  If you are small business owner like me, I highly recommend Agi Anderson to assist you with your marketing efforts. I am confident you’ll be as pleased with her results as I am.”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

~ Miki Dekany, Dovetail Interiors, Property Maintenance & Apppliances