Web Analysis 5.0

website analysis

Most web analysis reports are limited to website performance. With the OCS Team approach, we analyze all the components connected to your company’s online presence.

Social media is all the buzz, but truthfully, your website needs to be the hub of of your business.  With a strong brand identity and compelling, useful content your website can reach your target audience utilizing every social media outlet that makes sense for your business.

Most small businesses struggle because there are little or no affordable resources to assist with creating an online branding strategy targeted to your preferred clientele. Google+ pages, if they are set up, have not been verified and have the generic cover showing clearly, no one is paying attention. You may not be a Google fan, but lets face it, we all live in Googleland!

 Do your own quick check with the following:

  • Does your Facebook timeline cover truly represent your company’s message and brand?
  • Is your company verified with Google? Have you set up your Google + account? Do you know why this is vitally important?
  • Does your business have a Linked-In company profile page?
  •  Are you capturing online visitors?
  •  Are you building up and engaging with your fan base?

Ask and answer deeper questions:

      • How well does the respondent audience in your web visits correspond to your target audience?
      • What traffic sources yield the most valuable customers, not just one-time conversions?
      • How can you enable colleagues who are not web-analytics gurus to more fully use and benefit from your website data?
      • And how can you do all this quickly, without hiring a full-time employee ?

 Your Company Web Presence Analysis 5.0 will:

  • Clearly define your company’s brand
  • Integrate continuity branding from your website to your social sites
  • Determine the content that will appeal to your targeted audience

Not only do we help you create a plan for your online strategy,  we include doing the tasks required to get the job done! We also  show you how to engage more effectively to capture online visitors.  Best of all, we made it affordable for your marketing budget.

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